Silent Ties ★★

A story of brother-sister ties in a little non-conventional setting.


Silent Ties tells the story of a brother-sister relationship. At the same time, this short film tries to touch upon the perception of transgenders in the country. In this short film, the younger brother is a transgender dancer. Her elder sister (seems) to be the only person who has supported him through all these years. Naturally, they share a very closely knit relation. However, the elder sister also has to be answerable to the society at some time. And, that time has now come with the very public recognition of her brother. What will she do?

What works

The short film touches upon two emotional topics. One, the bond of siblings, and another, the society’s stance on transgenders. Since both are very relevant and oft-talked about topic, the audience can understand the content easily. Silent Ties may also resonate with audience on another psychological level of pursuing one’s hobby. Audience may relate to these touch-points very easily.

What could have been better

As said earlier, the audience would be able to connect to the content very easily. However, the connection won’t last for long because of borderline bad screenplay. The scenes jump from one to another without any logical flow.

While I do not want to put any spoilers here in the review, you will be able to see once you watch Silent Ties. In our opinion, the transformation of scenes are forcibly made to fit to the story. The screenplay creates a new bottom with the phone call made to the protagonist by his secretary.

Partly due to the above problems, the actors also fail to inspire. The characters feel too mercurial to feel real.

Particularly, the character of Renuka Shahane is made too unpredictable and unsure of what she really wants.

Lastly, the dialogues are too weak to create any impact.


To sum up, Silent Ties is a horrible execution of noble intentions. Avoid and save your eight minutes!

AglaPlay Verdict: Avoid
AglaPlay Rating: 2.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: ~8 minutes
Writer-Director:  Sai Deodhar
Cast: Renuka Shahane,
Palash Dutta

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