The Deal ★★½

A girl torn between reality and desires strikes a deal to get what she thought she wanted… What happens next?

Review of Short Horror Film The Deal


The Deal is a horror thriller about a girl alone in her friend’s home. The short film is about a deal that is done between the girl and the other. What was the deal and what happens next is shown in this short horror flick of 8 minutes.

What works

The Deal has good scare quotient. To director’s credit, these are not cheap scares which are generally applied in the Bollywood movies. However one may debate these are so oft repeated, oft reproduced ones, to the extent that one may call them borderline cliche.

Popular child actress of 2000s, Ahsaas Channa, has acted well in The Deal. Also, we do not have any complains with the setup, lighting and the camera work.

What could have been better

To be honest,The Deal lacks a good story! In fact, the short film feels like one half-baked idea served with cliched horror situations. We believe some extension of the idea could have helped. Further, the basic premise seem flawed when you try to think about the flat where the girl’s friend was living fine.


Despite good execution, The Deal lives short of the expectation. Weak (and partially flawed) story line humbles the otherwise good work.

AglaPlay Verdict: Average
AglaPlay Rating: 2.5/5
Language: Hindi / English
Duration: ~8 minutes
Writer-Director: GLN (?)
Cast: Ahsaas Channa
The Deal: Desires versus Fear: A Horror Short

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