Ummeed ★

A short film depicting children as a hope for nature and environment conservation.

Review of Short Film Umeed


Ummeed is a collage of clippings from lives of children in a society. This short film merely picks up few scenes from different situations and merges them together. Mostly these scenes are used to develop the characters, and their conscience.

What Works

Ummeed – The Hope has a nice theme. While the short film falls short on almost all parameters, theme is not one of the faulty areas. In fact, we appreciate the team’s attempt to present the children’s caring attitude towards nature. Hence, the name ‘hope’. That is, there is hope for the earth thanks to the future generation.

What does not work

Almost everything falls in this category. Ummeed- The Hope is, if we may say, a completely hopeless short film.

To start with the complaints, the scenes just fly out of nowhere into your face. The scenes seem to have hardly any connection between them.

To make it worse, the acting is terrible. Now, you might say these are children and the theme is good and we shall respect the attempt – we have done that when we paid respect to the theme. But the acting is pathetic. Agreed that directing children can be a tough job, but in Ummeed, the grown ups act worse!

Another major flaw with Ummeed is its complete disrespect and inconsideration to core story, which is rains. In the story it is raining heavily due to which certain things are happening. However, all outdoor scenes seem to be in a perfectly dry, hot weather with no signs of water anywhere! Such a disconnect shows the carefree approach from the team.

Incidentally, the callous attitude of the production team is not hard to find in any scene. Almost all scenes feel doctored.

Lastly, we must mention dialogues. Now the dialogues are so artificial in the first place and worsened by literal recitation by the actors.


Stay away. There is nothing hopeful in Ummeed- the hope which is worth watching. We pushed ourselves to complete the short film and then the review, because we have the job of the critic. You don’t need to give your time to this expressionless motley.

AglaPlay Verdict: Do not watch
AglaPlay Rating: 1/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: ~9 minutes
Writer-Director:  Aishwarya Chakyadath
Cast: Various
Ummeed – The Hope: A Hopeless Attempt

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