Ambani the Investor ★★★★

Award winning short film about a determined hard working young school-goer…

Review of Short Film Ambani The Investor


Ambani the investor is story of an industrious school-going kid. This short film shows one day in the life of this young chap who creates opportunities wherever he goes. Unlike others, he does not wait for the opportunity to get a job or earn money. This is a story of fighting the odds in spite of obstacles. And, it is the story of satisfaction of long day labor he notes down his earning in his notebook.

What Works

First and foremost, AglaPlay salutes the child actor Master Manoj who carries this short film on his shoulders. Without his acting prowess, Ambani the Investor would have been nothing. From the first scene of seeing his drunk father to the end, his smile and his eyes tell the story vastly much more than any actor could have said.

Secondly, we liked the design of the movie. There are hardly any dialogues, and that adds a lot of character to the short film. In fact, we strongly believe that the short film would have been even better without any dialogues! Notably, even Manoj has hardly 2 sentences in the whole short film.

Third, the screenplay has spell-binding effect on the audience. It also reflects in the viewership of this short film, which is nearing 7 million without any big actor or known names.

Last but most importantly, Ambani the Investor wins us over with the sweet story of grit and determination. Salutation to the whole team for sharing this great work.

What could have been better

The YouTube video’s title ‘MUST WATCH NEVER GUESSING CLIMAX’ has no need to be there. There is nothing in the climax that is interesting or anything. As we mentioned above, it is the flow of protagonist’s day where we are interested rather than the end.

Also, on logically thinking through the movie, you will find gaps and plot-holes. Additionally, you may also wonder when does this guy sleeps. Or, if his school hours are merely 2 or 3 hours long!

Lastly, there is a conversation where the protagonist is compared with Ambani. That scene is, perhaps, the dullest scene in the whole short film!

Having said that, by and large, this is a good movie. Please do not worry about above few short comings.


The short film is a must watch. We recommend it for audience of all age, particularly for younger audience!

AglaPlay Verdict: A must watch for Master Manoj
AglaPlay Rating: 4.0/5
Language: - (Hardly any dialogues)
Duration: ~18 minutes
Director:  Vinod Nag
Ambani The Investor: A must watch for everyone!

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