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Getting back online with reviews of movies and series available on streaming platforms!

Turbulent times…

Hiya all! It is been long since we last posted the reviews of plays and short movies… Sadly, with the second wave, all of us had tough time and the situation was equally bad, if not worse for the showbiz.

We personally could witness only one live performance before the lock-downs started again. The crisis hit the producers and performers as well with government restrictions on movements and health issues at a personal level. Very few releases or new releases came out, with Mumbai hit badly both times. We hope that all gets over soon and also wish that all our readers emerged safe and stronger. But wishes sadly can take us only so far!

Future plans

We will soon start with helping our readers in finding hidden gems available on the streaming platforms. This is our attempt to bring value to you. Utilize your time better by cutting down on the efforts and time spent in searching for new content!

We plan to bring you some names which you have not heard earlier. With that idea in mind, we will soon add Hidden Gems category to our offerings at This will cover all genres from Biography, Drama, Thriller, Actions, Classics, Horror, Sci-Fi and more!

While the posts will come in near future, few non-Indian examples which come to my mind on top are: Unbroken (Netflix, 2014, Biography), Departures (2007, drama), Host (Prime Video, 2020, Horror), Rear Window (1954, Thriller)… Our focus will be mostly Indian! If possible, ONLY Indian.


Platforms planned to be covered: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5, Mubi, BookMyShow Stream, YouTube, Epic On and more!

And, we are sorry!

We also take this opportunity to say sorry to our fans whose posts and comments we could not address or read in recent turbulent times. In fact, due to massive spams, we had to close down the commentary section few months back – all comments are now moderated.

Best wishes!