The Thrilling Ones

Here is a collection of best Indian Short Films from Thriller Genre!


A fascinating account of events from a North Indian house. The neighborly chit-chat of two women unveils much darker, yet humorous past.
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Story of sensuality, treachery and occult, we are all praises for this captivating retelling of mythological tale.
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Yet another one from Radhika Apte, this spine-chilling short story also stars NEha Sharma and famed Manoj Vajpayee. A Must watch.
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A frightening tale to remind the viewers what all can go wrong with a offering and accepting a lift in desolated place. Despite sub-par Audio-Video, we highly recommend it!
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The Guest

People always suggest to stay near or in the car if it breaks down on a highway. This short film is a strong push to follow that advice!
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