Radhesham Lodge ★★★

A short film on a peddler who does some suspicious business in broad daylight. Will he get caught?

There is a peddler who seemingly sells some illegal stuff on the road. He has regular customers and seems to be doing pretty well. Old and new both customers are pretty well aware of his location outside Radhesham lodge where he does his business in broad daylight.

The short film stands out on all technical aspects – the direction, cinematography, VFX, the music – are all done very well. The lead Ranjan Raj brings the character to life. The film should be watched for the freshness itself if not for anything else!

AglaPlay recommends to watch the film once for its freshness and the performance by the lead.

AglaPlay Verdict: A short social comic movie
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: 10 minutes
Writer: Pulkit Goyal and Others
Director:  Pulkit Goyal
Cast: Ranjan Raj(Peddler),
Dhananjay Uppalwad,
Abhigyan Joshi,
& Others

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