Peele Scooter Wala Aadmi


The play is about Lal, a writer stuck in writer’s block. He is unable to finish his story because of unanswered questions from his childhood. Lal observes everything around him, from an eagle flying in the sky to a person in nearby apartment, but his thoughts get stuck to the yellow scooter. As the scenes show through Lal’s past and present and his relation with his father, the play gradually unfolds dark events which haunt Lal’s present.

The play is a masterpiece from the playwright/director Manav Kaul. The first half intrigues the audience with many open questions. In the second half, the audience gets absorbed in Lal as scenes come together beautifully, gradually lifting the drapes from the protagonist’s past.

The play is a rick theatrical experience, and a must watch for the connoisseurs. I would however, not recommend the play if you are looking forward to a simple play for a relaxed family evening. The play, particularly the first half, is convoluted and can be enjoyed only when one is engrossed and focused.

AglaPlay Verdict: A good play
AglaPlay Rating: 3/5
Language: Hindi 
(English version A man with yellow scooter)
Writer: Manav Kaul 
Director: Manav Kaul 
Cast:   Kumud Mishra,
Manav Kaul & Others

Below are a few relevant links, including the play script.

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