Ved and Arya ★★★

Arya surprise visits her brother on Friday evening. She is looking all lively and casual, but is everything normal?

Review of Ved and Arya


Ved and Arya is story of brother-sister bonding. This short story focuses on the non-judgemental nature of the brotherly love. Arya visits her brother Ved on a Friday evening which gets Ved concerned. After all, it is a Friday evening and Arya always has some plans for Friday. From there, this story of Arya’s failure to hide the special thing in her life opens by layers.

What works

Ved and Arya has a very soothing undertone. The setup is very homely, relaxing and lighting is done very well. This short film can be watched as a short break from an otherwise hectic day spent in fighting cacophony of life.

Another thing we loved was camera work. May be it is an unplanned outcome, but camera moves as if it is following the conversation. Specially in the scene where Ved and Arya are in the kitchen, the camera focus increases with their conversation. While it may be missed consciously, we are affected by the sub-conscious effect of such nice work and soothing lighting.

Nakuul and Sanaya fit in their roles of Ved and Arya well. We have no complaints there.

What could be better

The story! The story could have been better. Like really, the story has absolutely nothing in it. Ved and Arya has supposedly a shocking reveal, but it was so obvious that we didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Also, the conversations are done well but their is hardly any real content in the discussions. The whole conversation moves with agenda of bringing out Arya’s past and Ved’s care for her. It is so uni-directional that we simply lost interest after a point.


In summary, Ved and Arya is not bad, but sadly we cannot say it very good either. How about, a simple ‘Good’?

AglaPlay Verdict: Worth A Watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi / English
Duration: ~12 minutes
Writer: Sharanya Rajgopal
Director: Ritesh Menon
Cast: Nakuul Mehta,
Sanaya Irani
Ved and Arya: Bonding of siblings

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