Vacancy ★★★½

Durgesh Kumar from Lucknow is trying his very best to get selected in the interview. What’s so special about the vacancy?

Review of Short Film Vacancy


Vacancy is a satire on over-population and its effects. The short film is a solo act where we see the protagonist Durgesh Kumar as an interviewee. This seems to be pretty important interview! Naturally, Durgesh puts his best foot forward on every question posed to him! Whether he gets selected or not, and what was the goal of the interview is clarified at the end of this very short short film!

What works

Yet again, Panchayat / Paatal Lok famed Aasif Khan spreads his on-screen His raw and bona fide portrayal of Durgesh is impeccable. Kudos to Aasif for bringing so much of impact and authenticity in barely 5 minutes of screen time in Vacancy!

Also, I must praise the intelligent dialogue writing of Vacancy. The short film with hardly any props, 5 minutes length, and solo actor would have easily been a unmemorable run-of-the-mill. In fact, it might be interesting to re-watch the interview to appreciate the deeper meaning of Q&A, and the sharp dialogue writing.

Last, the total video time of Vacancy hardly crosses 4 minutes. In a feature of such a short length, it is tough to find any gaps. After all, keeping the length short is also a merit, and is not achievable by everyone.

What could have been better

Nothing critical, but to me personally, the end seemed a little far fetched. But then it’s me, and it is nothing that holds you back from enjoying the short film!


Worth a watch – suitable for all ages.

AglaPlay Verdict: Worth a watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.5/5
Language: Hindi 
Duration: ~4 minutes
Director: Anurag Bhupen Worlikar
Cast: Aasif Khan

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