The Perfect Match ★★★½

A Couple’s ship of love and dating hits the iceberg of Indian arrange marriage. what happens next?

Review of Short Film The Perfect Match


The Perfect Match is the story of hurdles in ‘arranging’ a love marriage. The short film depicts a couple (Riya and Harsh) who has decided to tie a knot. Had it been a western society, they might be planning the wedding location and dates. But in traditional Indian societies, there are a few more steps involved!

This sweet short film elaborates on one of Horoscope matching. While doing so, it also does great job at depicting few amusing character traits of Harsh and Riya.

What works

First and foremost,The Perfect Match excels on its focused execution of the topic of Horoscope matching. Generally such films have tendency to get mixed up with all sorts of issues like caste, religion etc. Accordingly, they deliver on the issues, but totally kill the characters. Worse, they do not give the audience to focus on any one situation and the characters’ stances.

Another great work is the dialogue exchange between Harsh and Riya. The dialogues deliver everything dialogues are supposed to be. In The Perfect Match, the conversations tell us the back story, the current states of mind, as well the ongoing state of affairs. To the credit of writer-director Neha Pawar, most of the dialogues still flow very naturally.

But nothing would matter if the actors are bad. Luckily, the actors The Perfect Match, Ashwani and Kalyani put up a great show together. Least to say, their on-screen chemistry shines through the short film.

Last but most importantly, this short film captures the minutest nuisances of the relationship between a girl-friend and boy-friend. Smallest details on nature, egos, actions and expectations are so marvelously captured!

What could have been better

Some of the dialogues and actions by the leads seem too dramatic and artificial. They are not many, but they are there. If it was an average or a bad movie, these situations would not even be noticeable. Since the overall movie is so great, they appear little out of place. Nothing major, though!


Overall The Perfect Match is a perfect sweet little short film which must be watched!

AglaPlay Verdict: A must watch, sweet, situational Rom-Com
AglaPlay Rating: 3.5/5
Language: Hindi / English
Duration: ~8 minutes
Writer-Director:  Neha Pawar
Cast: Ashwani Kumar,
Kalyani Pandit

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