Class of ’84

The play is about a group of eight friends who graduated in 1984, who drifted apart over the years. Seven of the group finally are together today, at the funeral of their friend Jojo. Jojo was the soul and leader of the group in their college days. He arranged protests, was involved in social causes and stood up for their friends. The seven characters portray various sections of the society – Sanjay – a wealthy MNC banker, Raveena – a housewife, Raghu – regional filmmaker, Sarah – a Page 3 journalist, Fuzzy – Spritiual Vaastu Expert, Cyrus – a rich Parsi, and Bobby (Rajit Kapur) – a TV Actor. The over-night discussion at Sanjay’s holiday home uncovers the plot and several secrets of their own. Jojo’s death, and his last years, however, remain mystery to all.

The play is directed well and the acts flow smoothly. the actors are veteran, and having completed 1000+ shows now, deliver the play with ease. The set is simply designed, as Sanjay’s holiday home, and also reminisce of college benches in parts.

It is one of the most popular plays around – the play has completed 1000+ shows and is running strong for many years now. But as you might agree, the most popular things need not be the best. And this holds for this play as well – the play is decent watch at best. The play’s popularity and the acceptance is supported by simplicity of the play and in parts, the connect with the audience who may reminisce about the college days and groups at moments.

AglaPlay Verdict: A decent play
AglaPlay Rating: 3/5
Language: English
Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes+ (Approx.)
Writer:  Rahul da Cunha 
Director:  Rahul da Cunha
Cast: Rajit Kapur,
Shernaz Patel, Rituraj,
Radhika da Cunha, Zafar,
Sohrab A, Joy and
Dipika Roy.

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