Ek Dopahar ★★★★

An amazing short film with Huma and Gauhar in the lead.


Ek Dopahar is a touching (or shocking) story of relationships and bonding. This short film is about a girl Raina who broker-up with her boyfriend eight years back. Come to today, she has to visit his city for some office work and wants to meet with him. Mostly he would be married by now, probably with kids, and his wife may not like Raina! But Raina is interested in meeting him just as a friend, a close friend.

What works

Firstly, Ek Dopahar has amazing acting from Huma and Gauhar. This short film is perhaps the best I have seen from these two actors. The anxiety of Huma’s character when she awaits for the email response is so natural. Gauhar has also delivered an amazing performance! Sorry, can’t write more here because of potential spoilers.

But more than acting, Ek Dopahar’s appeal is in the underlying story and the direction. Kudos to writer-director Swati’s work who has woven this lovely short film! For those of you who may catch it, the short film is unique in its writing! Ek Dopahar has two entirely different interpretations and the short film does justice to each of them.

Minor Spoiler Alert. Better to read after watching. Hints for differential interpretation 1. It relates to a scene in Ek Dopahar which involves a phone call.
2. The other possibility lead to entirely opposite portrayal of Gauhar’s character

What could have been better

Ek Dopahar has nothing at which I would like to point my fingers. The short film is a mice work! Let me know if you, the reader thinks differently!


Overall, Ek Dopahar is defintiely worth a watch! In fact, it is almost at that point, where we mark the short film as a must watch. Though please note that the topic is very small and this short film may not appeal to everyone.

AglaPlay Verdict: A very good short film!
AglaPlay Rating: 4.0/5
Language: Hindi / English
Duration: ~11 minutes
Writer-Director: Swati Srivastava
Cast: Huma Qureshi &
Gauhar Khan
Ek Dopahar: A well-done short film!

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