Corona Virus ★★

A short film depicting a post-apocalyptic world caused by human activities and Corona pandemic.

Yep, that’s the title! Search Engine friendly, isn’t it? 🙂

Synopsis: This is a very short film of around 7 minutes that follows a survivor on his daily activities in a post-apocalyptic world. The conversation between the survivor and his imaginary friend gives us the backdrop of the story.

What Works: Firstly, I appreciate the crew for bringing out the film in such environment. It would have taken them extra efforts and time in getting this completed. The film feels dark and the morbidity is tangible. There is a social environmental message central to the film which is simple and intriguing. Kudos to the team!

What all could have been much better: There are a few things which I didn’t like in CV. The biggest single drawback for me was mention of a conspiracy theory as a fact. It is acceptable in terms of artistic liberty for a science fiction setup, but in the sensitive times like these, such references could have been avoided to prevent anymore animosity that we already have in the world.

The dialogues are also a let-down. The dialogues fit the purpose of filling in with the background, but sound inorganic and documentary-style. Another minor issue that I felt was on the activities of the survivor. He somehow knows that he will get a wet cloth packed in a plastic bag under the ground. How does he know that? Even if he knew that, he would have perspired more water in digging it out that he was to get. The protagonist also does not look like one suffering from famine – and to me, it is a major flaw. The wardrobe team has merely provided him with a rope on brand new clothes, a cloth hair band; and makeup team put some mud on the face. That just does not work fully. Perhaps I am asking for too much, but these are not tough to arrange – torn cloth, mangled hairs, and may be, someone thin or skinnier to match the role.

But perhaps the idea behind this short film was never the perfection but to catch a believable glimpse of possible future, and for that it does a decent job.

Overall: nothing great. Please skip!

PARENTAL ADVISORY: There is a very short clip at the end depicting cruelty on animals which may not be suitable for all audience, particularly children.

AglaPlay Verdict: Worth a watch
AglaPlay Rating: 2.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: ~7 minutes
Writer: Dushyant Kapoor
Director:  Dushyant Kapoor
Cast: TBU
Corona Virus: Short which fell short on our expectations