Love in December ★★★★

A sweet romantic comedy enacted by IIT Bombay students, the play tells the story of Rahul and Tina who meet at Virar railway station.

‘Love in December’ is a sweet college play performed by IIT Bombay students. Several years have passed since it was performed. Few jibes which were contemporary at that time will seem out of time, but it still has that quality that innocent humor that will remain timeless.

Our hero, Rahul meets a girl at Virar railway station. The girl is none other than his school-time crush, Tina. What happens next? Rahul never had courage to share his feelings with Tina when he had all the time and opportunity in school days. Tonight, he has four hours that too thanks to delay in arrival of the train. Even those four hours are not without incidents, anyway. Besides, Tina has a boyfriend now!

This romantic comedy is executed very beautifully on all aspects. The dialogues, the performances are top notch and at par with professional theatre. There are a few compromises in the setup and the wardrobe, like policeman wears Friday casuals in the play, but nothing that is a deal breaker. That is understandable given the budget and other. There are no compromises on the content and the performance – and that only matters. Music also suits to the situations and is timed well.

The play would be enjoyed by audience of all age group, but I believe that those in late-20s to 50s may relate it to a bit more – the absence of Whatsapp, before Facebook became popular, and people still had Nokia. Another minor shortcoming is that the video’s best quality available is 480p only with not very good audio capture. Also, there is no noise-cancellation from the audience as the play was filmed during live performance.

AglaPlay Verdict: A very beautifully done sweet romantic comedy
AglaPlay Rating: 4.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: 1 Hour+
Writer: -
Director:  -
Cast: Nitin Gupta(Rahul),
Vipul Goyal(Friend),
& Others

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Love in December: a beautifully done college stage play