Rajma ★★★

A sweet story of a couple who have a together-time only after 3 years of marriage, all thanks to Corona.

Review of short film Rajma


Rajma is story of a couple who is married for three years now. Like many other families, Covid health situation gives them the opportunity to spend time together. And, then it happens. They suddenly realize that they might not have meant to be together. Singing, cleaning, cooking, family – they fight over all possible reasons until the girl gets a call from one of her relatives.

What works

Rajma has three areas of strength – acting, simple story and a sweet message.

First, all three actors make their impact felt despite a very simple story-line which had not much to offer.

Second, Rajma’s story is simple, yet impactful. Honestly, the story is so simple that in the first few seconds we thought it to be yet another couple-short-story. Thankfully it turned out to be much better!

Third, and most important, we liked Rajma for its underlying message, and it is delivered in even sweeter manner.


Overall, Rajma is a sweet short film which is worth a watch.

AglaPlay Verdict: Sweet couple story worth a watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi / Marathi / English 
Duration: ~11 minutes
Writer-Director: Sumeet Vyas and Anand Tiwari
Cast: Sucheta Khanna, 
Jiyaa Shankar, &
Zebby Singh
Haircut: A sweet short drama film

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