Raah ★★★

A guy offers lift to a girl. Catch? She is fascinated with ghosts and, the road is allegedly haunted!


In middle of nowhere, Ram gives a lift to a pretty girl Urvashi. They discuss about ghosts where they have opposing opinions. Saying anything beyond this will leak at least some part of the story, hence we stop here on the synopsis.

What works

The good things come in small packages, they say. Many of the short films prove it, but Raah owns it. In merely fifteen minutes, two actors and a hatchback, it takes the viewer through a roller coaster ride of suspense, relief and joy.

Raah excels in the direction parameter. The otherwise not so great story and budget constrained effects are brought out coherently. Twists in the story feel natural and timely. The music is functional, and does its job.

The short film comes as a welcome relief from the stable of cheaply made suspense thrillers. Cheap scares and jumping camera – forte of this genre – are totally avoided here and I thank the camera team and director for the same.

What could have been better

Budget. Ultimately, it is a low budget short film. That means there are compromises. The film suffers from shaky and grainy video. The maximum resolution is 720p and even that is quite dark. Sound quality is also not great but definitely manageable.


A very good watch, especially for suspense/horror aficionados. If you can manage through the shortcomings of video quality, we would highly recommend the short film for the efforts and heart the team has put in.

AglaPlay Verdict: Do watch!
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: English/Hindi
Duration: ~15 minutes
Writer: Prateek Payodhi & Others
Director:  Prateek Payodhi
Cast: Rishi Verma,
Swarnika telang &
Raah: worth a watch for suspense/horror aficionados