Tumbbad (2018) ★★★★★

Tumbbad (2018) ★★★★★

A dark fairy tale of a young man Vinayak, his greed and a mythical goddess. Setup in remote village Tumbbad, are Vinayak's wishes fulfilled?
Mammo (1994) ★★★★★

Mammo (1994) ★★★★★

Mammo is an old widow comes to live with her sister and grandson. The movie portrays how she looks up to the future despite a grim tragic past.
Ek Doctor Ki Maut ★★★★

Ek Doctor Ki Maut ★★★★

Aglaplay.com Review of Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1990). The movie is is inspired from real life of an Indian doctor in 1980s.

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Harmless  ★★★

Harmless ★★★

A girl, looking for thrills, agrees to be kidnapped in a staged kidnapping. This is nothing but a little harmless crime, or isn't it?
Baalak  ★

Baalak ★

A woman's reaction to an incidence leaves her feeling empty and sad.
Chhoti Si Baat  ★★

Chhoti Si Baat ★★

The short film about a couple tells how a small doubt can create havoc in relationships if left unchecked.
Budh (Awakening)  ★★★½

Budh (Awakening) ★★★½

Awakening of three women from different age-group, religion, society and situation!
Recipe  ★★★

Recipe ★★★

A thriller short telling the story of one night in a live-in couple's life.
Levish  ★★★★½

Levish ★★★★½

A teenage girl in remote village wishes for a pair of jeans.
Rajma  ★★★

Rajma ★★★

A sweet story of a couple who have a together-time only after 3 years of marriage, all thanks to Corona.
Haircut  ★★★

Haircut ★★★

A simple haircut proves to be anything but simple for our simple protagonist! How? Simply watch it to know...
Vacancy  ★★★½

Vacancy ★★★½

Durgesh Kumar from Lucknow is trying his very best to get selected in the interview. What's so special about the vacancy?
Balloon Pinch  ★★★½

Balloon Pinch ★★★½

A contrasting perspective of two individuals affected by similar incidence...
The Deal  ★★½

The Deal ★★½

A girl torn between reality and desires strikes a deal to get what she thought she wanted... What happens next?
Kathakar  ★★★½

Kathakar ★★★½

Prakash followed his passion through his job. Now retired, he searches for meaning in his retirement.
Pencil Box  ★★★★★

Pencil Box ★★★★★

A masterpiece on friendship, love, family and social discrimination.
A Simple Plan  ★★★

A Simple Plan ★★★

An old man 'plans' to nab a young couple who rob people with their 'plan' asking for lift
Soulmate  ★★★

Soulmate ★★★

A dark love story of a live-in couple from Thriller/Horror genre.
Shwet Rakht   ★★★

Shwet Rakht ★★★

A short film on gender inequality which combines two issues through one commonality
Ek Dopahar  ★★★★

Ek Dopahar ★★★★

An amazing short film with Huma and Gauhar in the lead.
Ved and Arya  ★★★

Ved and Arya ★★★

Arya surprise visits her brother on Friday evening. She is looking all lively and casual, but is everything normal?
Adheen  ★★★½

Adheen ★★★½

Family tension, challenges with past, issues in present and a possible future - how does this family copes with all?
Unarranged  ★★★★½

Unarranged ★★★★½

Groom talks with his bride for the first time as he sneaks into her room, as Baarat waits outside!
Ummeed  ★

Ummeed ★

A short film depicting children as a hope for nature and environment conservation.
Wajood  ★★★★

Wajood ★★★★

This award-winning short film explores emotions of transgenders - the most ignored section of society.
The Perfect Match  ★★★½

The Perfect Match ★★★½

A Couple's ship of love and dating hits the iceberg of Indian arrange marriage. what happens next?
Silent Ties  ★★

Silent Ties ★★

A story of brother-sister ties in a little non-conventional setting.
Ambani the Investor  ★★★★

Ambani the Investor ★★★★

Award winning short film about a determined hard working young school-goer...
Mama’s Boys  ★★½

Mama’s Boys ★★½

A modern, naughty take on Mahabharata, with Pandavas, Kunti and Draupadi in the 21st century
Muskaan  ★★★

Muskaan ★★★

Rahul plans a surprise to woo his crush Muskaan, but not everything goes as planned.
Raah  ★★★

Raah ★★★

A guy offers lift to a girl. Catch? She is fascinated with ghosts and, the road is allegedly haunted!
Exchange Offer  ★★★★

Exchange Offer ★★★★

A retired school principal accepts an exchange offer of his old personal computer, bringing several other changes as well.
The Job  ★

The Job ★

A French girl is under pressure to retain her job in India, while suffering from psychological disorders.
Special Day  ★★★

Special Day ★★★

A mother's gift to her son on his birthday is worth much more that it looks to be.
Station Master Phool Kumar ★★★

Station Master Phool Kumar ★★★

Phool Kumar is frustrated when he is transferred from busy station Gorakhpur to a small town Kesupur.
Ghar Ki Murgi ★★★½

Ghar Ki Murgi ★★★½

Seema feels stuck in the thankless ever-ending job of being a housewife... Until she takes a decision...
Bharam  ★★★

Bharam ★★★

A comedy of prejudices starts when Janaki wins a Mercedes but everyone loses with their assessments of other.
Girl in Red / Gutthi  ★★½

Girl in Red / Gutthi ★★½

Lives of a writer, a garbage collector and a girl are intertwined and lead to an atrocious crime.
Khujli  ★★★★½

Khujli ★★★★½

A sweet romantic tale of a couple married for long. Love is not lost between them, neither has...
Ahalya  ★★★★½

Ahalya ★★★★½

A short film filled with suspense and seduction, with a twist to mythological tale of Ahalya.
Glitch  ★★★

Glitch ★★★

A ten year old travels though the time to save his parents' relationship.
The Twist   ★★★

The Twist ★★★

A sweet short of grandma-grandson bonding over dancing 60s Twist!
Golden Crush  ★★★½

Golden Crush ★★★½

A sweet comedy. A young guy is scared out of his wits as his father catches him smoking cigarette.
The Guest  ★★★

The Guest ★★★

A thriller that tells story of a young man asking help from an old lady on a dark lonely night...
Half Full  ★★★½

Half Full ★★★½

Abhay is anxiously waiting for something when a stranger knocks at his door on a rainy night.
Bin Bulaaye  ★★½

Bin Bulaaye ★★½

Award winning short about a daughter longing for her father amidst the challenges that life throws at her.
Kriti  ★★★½

Kriti ★★★½

Manoj Vajpayee and Radhika Apte starrer psychological thriller which keeps audience on edge.
Tindey  ★★★★½

Tindey ★★★★½

A hot and sweet take on extra-marital misadventures of a man in his 40s.
Chutney  ★★★★½

Chutney ★★★★½

A conversation between two neighbors - little sweet, little spicy - just like a Chutney.
Corona Virus  ★★

Corona Virus ★★

A short film depicting a post-apocalyptic world caused by human activities and Corona pandemic.
Juice  ★★★★★

Juice ★★★★★

Winner of two Filmfare awards 2018, Juice is a poignant short film that depicts differential treatment of women in some sections of the society.
Devi  ★★★½

Devi ★★★½

A short film with a strong social message with the high-profile actors ensemble.
Baatein  ★★½

Baatein ★★½

Filmfare nominated short film which tries to deliver a social message.
Purana Pyaar  ★★★★½

Purana Pyaar ★★★★½

A sweet romantic short film about a couple who found each other in the old age, and... ran away together!
Khamakha  ★★★★½

Khamakha ★★★★½

Winner of Filmfare Award 2017, this short film tells story of an encounter of a suave guy and a remarkable girl in a state transport bus.
Laugh  ★★★★

Laugh ★★★★

Short film contrasts three friends spending evening together in pre-mobile and current times, and tries to explore the real meaning of laugh.
Family Business  ★★★★

Family Business ★★★★

A 20-minutes comedy play about a jobless MBA who is being persuaded by his father to join the family business.
Radhesham Lodge  ★★★

Radhesham Lodge ★★★

A short film on a peddler who does some suspicious business in broad daylight. Will he get caught?
Love in December  ★★★★

Love in December ★★★★

A sweet romantic comedy enacted by IIT Bombay students, the play tells the story of Rahul and Tina who meet at Virar railway station.

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