Kathakar ★★★½

Prakash followed his passion through his job. Now retired, he searches for meaning in his retirement.

Review of short film Kathakar


Kathakar (Story teller) is a story of of a retired man who loved and lived his job. The short film stars Piyush Mishra in leading role of Prakash. A devoted Bollywood-fan, Prakash used to manage projector in a single-screen cinema. Whenever the show was housefull or whenever the crowd cheered for their favorite actors, Prakash used to feel as if the crowd is cheering for them.

Sadly, with advent of technology and corporate multiplexes, Prakash’s job has become irrelevant and he is asked to leave his job. Kathakar is the story of so many retirees who are suddenly let go of the jobs which they worshiped and spent their lives on. It is a short film which also shows the way Prakash fights back for his passions and finally wins his own ‘Housefull’!

What works

Legendary Piyush Mishra shines yet again in his portrayal of Prakash. Everytime, his on-screen energy beats actors of half his age. Here, Kathakar is no exception and it is Piyush’s show from the first scene till last!

Kathakar is also supported by a heart-touching story. The short film has a tangible touch and feel, which is in-turn supported by the gently done setup and excellent dialects.

Lighting and cinematography are also very good. In particular, solo shots are extremely well captured!

What could have been better

Kathakar could have just been better on the sound department. Some of the dialogues do not come out clearly. Background sound could also be better to take care of expected ambient noises given the rural setup.


Kathakar is a must watch short film. It is a must watch for Piyush Mishra, its story, its short length and its underlying inspirational tone! Please watch!

AglaPlay Verdict: Must Watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.5/5
Language: Hindi / Bhojpuri
Duration: ~10 minutes
Writer-Director: Abhimanyu Kanodia
Cast: Piyush Mishra &
Kathakar: A Retired man searches for meaning in his retirement

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