Jeene Bhi Do Yaaron

The play begins where many in romantic genres (and sometimes romance too) ends – marriage. This hilarious play explores the married life. The couple portrayed by Pratik Pendharkar and Radha Bhardwaj are facing troubles in marriage, and bring their problems to the boy’s celibate elder brother. More complications are on the way as Divya’s elder sister also shows up. Do they forget the differences, or do they break-up?

The comic timings are excellent and Pratik Pendharkar shines in the role of the protagonist. However, the rest of the cast performs average at best. The play is written and directed by Om Katare, whose on-stage presence is overbearing at times. The character of the girl’s sister also annoys at moments. Direction is otherwise okay, and the story flows effortlessly. The use of lightening and sound effects is apt and supportive to the play.

I will recommend the play to couples. You will definitely have more than a few good laughs in the play. The play may be avoided if involves too much of time, money and travel for the reader. Mistake me not, this is a good play. It is just that there are better plays performed out there.

AglaPlay Verdict: Good humor with excellent comic timings
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: 2 hours
Writer: Om Katare
Director: Om Katare
Pratik Pendharkar (Husband)
Radha Bhardwaj (Wife) 
Om Katare (Husband's elder brother)
Sonam Singh (Wife's elder sister) 

Please watch the trailer below. Do note that certain sections may not be appropriate for children.

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