Harmless ★★★

A girl, looking for thrills, agrees to be kidnapped in a staged kidnapping. This is nothing but a little harmless crime, or isn’t it?

Review of short film Harmless


Harmless is a about a girl who is looking for a small adventure trip. She chooses to participate in a staged kidnapping to earn some quick bucks. After all, it is a harmless little crime, with no loss to anyone! The how and what are shown in this short comic-thriller.

What works

Harmless has some of the most unpredictable characters! This adds the elements of mystery as well as (dark) humor. While I won’t spill all the beans, think about a girl who willingly gets kidnapped to get her money from her father! A perfectly nice, working guy who chooses kidnapping to make quick bucks! And so on and on…

Harmless also has some of the good acting. Combine with volatile characters and situations, the quirky acting makes this short film real fun to watch!

In fact, the overall package of Harmless is well-done where it will appeal to the viewers who are looking for a quick distraction from the ordinary!

What could have been better

One can argue that the story is just too uncertain and the characters are too artificial. Honestly, even I believe that meeting such characters in real life is tough, if not impossible. But then, Harmless was designed to be this way.

I would rather point out that the story is too straight-flowing without any major twists and one particular piece seems just too fake!


Harmless is no classic, but it is a refreshing change and comic in its own ways. And so, it is definitely worth a watch!

AglaPlay Verdict: Do watch!
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: ~18 minutes
Writer-Director: Vishesh Mankal
Cast: Vaishnavi Rao, 
Anirudda Khanwilkar,
Swapnil Ajgaonkar, and
Sachin Singh Khushawa

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