Haircut ★★★

A simple haircut proves to be anything but simple for our simple protagonist! How? Simply watch it to know…

Review of Short Film Haircut


Haircut is a situational comedy of a groom who visits an upmarket salon for the first time in his life. Quite naturally, our hard-working middle class hero is feeling little low on confidence. What happens in this short visit of a haircut?

What works

Imran Rasheed is at his natural best here in the central role. He truly excelled in the depiction and transition of character from awe, shyness, lust to helplessness and anger.

Haircut must also be praised for its story telling which could involve so many of the flavors in one single, simple setup. Especially notable is the way this short film could also capture salon-regulars apathy towards the protagonist in such short frame of time. As a result, it works as a perfect break for audience looking for a quick laugh!

What could have been better

While there is nothing bad with Haircut, it somehow feels very average. Except for acting and the story-telling, it is quite too plain and too simple. Also, it has some scenes do not add any value to the story and we believe editing could have been slightly better.


Haircut does its job in giving a good quick laugh to the audience with its simple story telling. It deserves a watch, and audience of all age-group will enjoy it.

AglaPlay Verdict: Watch for a quick laugh and simple story
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi 
Duration: ~9 minutes
Writer-Director: Sumeet Vyas and Anand Tiwari
Cast: Imraan Rasheed &
Haircut: A Simple story telling with more than a few good laughs

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