Bharam ★★★

A comedy of prejudices starts when Janaki wins a Mercedes but everyone loses with their assessments of other.

Synopsis: There is a person who is standing at Janaki Paul’s door. He has supposedly come to deliver Mercedes car which Janaki won in some lucky draw, but Janaki’s maid won’t let him in nor will allow him to talk to her employer. But this guy is equally stubborn… What is the catch? Why are they behaving so stubbornly and illogically?

What Works: The biggest strength of this short is its length. The director manages to tell the whole story in meager six minutes if we ignore the credits. I appreciate the whole team which stuck to a really short story and gave it just enough time for the characters and situations to sink-in.

The story also aces the test of time. The prejudices brought up by the story are very relevant to today’s world. Most of the audience would connect with the characters’ feeling and judgements. The actions, well, they are exaggerated! But then, how will comic and scare will come up in otherwise everyday story?

Areas of improvement: For the corporate workers out there, yes, I have taken this phrase straight out of my annual appraisal. In case you ask, my manager just couldn’t find anyhthing to fill in this section – I AM PERFECTO! 🙂 Okay, just kidding! Serious now, the issue with the short is its predcitbility. On the first scene itself you will have some idea where the film will move to. Apart from that, nothing much. And please note, it is still enjoyable short break from our mundane lives!

Verdict: A one-time watch!

AglaPlay Verdict: One time watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi / English
Duration: ~6 minutes
Writer: Shieladitya Moulik
Director:  Shieladitya Moulik
Cast: Anuradha Mukherjee
Kan Singh Sodha
Bharam: A 6-minutes long short film