Baalak ★

A woman’s reaction to an incidence leaves her feeling empty and sad.

Review of Short Film Baalak


Baalak is about a woman going to a new city for job. The short film depicts one incidence that happens to her at the hotel. The incidence, rather her response to the incidence leaves her feeling guilty and incriminated. What was the incidence and why did it have such an impact on her?

What works

Baalak has good camera-work and photography. Make-up and wardrobe departments have also done well in this short film.

What could have been better

Plenty could have been done much better in Baalak.

To start with, a large proportion of the film has nothing to do with story. In fact, one could have skipped more than half of the film to jump directly to 06:30 on YouTube. The movie would still have remained almost the same! My question: why to add so many useless details like checking in the hotel, getting off the cab and all?

Further, anyone could have acted better than the lead. Suchismita Bar made me cry with her crying expression – not because it was that good, but because it was that bad! The whole short-film hinged may be at this single scene only and this scene could not have been done worse! To be fair, all other actors have performed decently, except Ms. Bar.

Sadly, the story and screenplay also do not help much. With so many extra scenes added and a very average story, Baalak falls flat on its face.

As if all of this was not enough, the amateurish attempt (not sure if planned or unplanned) to add a flavor or mystery and women-safety is wrongly placed and should not be in drama of this genre. However, that is something that few of the audience may like as well, so, that’s alright!


Baalak is to be avoided. Period.

AglaPlay Verdict: Avoid at all costs
AglaPlay Rating: 1.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: ~13 minutes
Writer-Director: Kan Singh Sodha
Cast: Suchismita Bar, 
Samontak Dyuti Maitra, 
Jon, Rumi Dhar &

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