The Twist ★★★

A sweet short of grandma-grandson bonding over dancing 60s Twist!

The Twist in the name refers to the rock and roll dancing style. It is the story of a school boy Shlok who loves dancing. His grand-mother was a renowned dancer of her times. She is not able to walk anymore because of fear. Shlok gets invited to perform in annual function by Nadia who wants him as her dancing partner. Sholk is now under immense pressure because he also has hots for her. The pressure is too much for him. The sweet short film explores if and how, the grandma-grandson duo overcome their fears through The Twist!

The film starts at a low-key note but gets the pace quickly. The bonding of the Shlok with his grandmother is worth a watch. The performances are all very good. The nicety is also in details. The opening scene where Gayatri meets with Ritvik has just the right background chaotic noises as it would be in a school. They have acted not only with their faces but through their body languages. Kudos to the young actors and best wishes for the performance!

Now is the time for negatives. It is really tough for us to find negatives in such shorts which are made with so much heart into it, but then that’s the critics’ job, ain’t it? Well, the story is just too predictable. You can simply guess every next ‘twist’ in The Twist. While this treatment makes the story easy on the audience, it also steals the wow factor completely. We also didn’t like the scene of the rehearsals, which looks made-up and synthetic. We at AglaPlay are big fan of authenticity and the rehearsal scenes is borderline Bollywood.

Overall it is worth a watch and a very sweet short film. Do let us know of your feeling by clicking thumbs icon below.

AglaPlay Verdict: Worth a watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi / English
Duration: ~13 minutes
Writer:  Omkar Gokhale 
Director: Suraj Parasnis
Cast: Ritvik Sahore (Shlok),
Sushma Deshpande (Grandma),
Gayatri Salkar(Nadia) & 
Twist: a sweet short of grandma-grandson bonding over dancing

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