A Simple Plan ★★★

An old man ‘plans’ to nab a young couple who rob people with their ‘plan’ asking for lift


A Simple Plan is a story of plannings going wrong. On his regular route between two cities, Subhash regularly sees a couple asking for lift. The protagonist decides to investigate them after police refuses any help. Now we have our protagonist who has his plans to capture the rogues in the act, while the couple has other plans. As the short film goes on to prove, the simplest plans are not so simple in execution!

What Works

A Simple Plan has a very good story. It is an engaging piece of writing from Kalpesh Mistry. The writing keep the viewer on hook till the last scene. The short film is full of action and there is hardly a dull moment in the film. End is dark, but then, it was supposed to be a dark comedy!

What could have been better

Everything else except story could have been done much better in A Simple Plan.

To start with, the acting is not up to the mark. Actors feel detached from the characters. In particular, Supriya Mishra disappoints in her portrayal of Chitra.

Another problem with A Simple Plan is its camerawork. The camera seems to be out of focus on so many scenes that you no longer even care.

Third, but perhaps the biggest fault of the short film is its badly done action scenes. Everyone moves out of sync in action sequence.


On many fronts, A simple plan is very similar to Urf Professor (2001). The statement can be taken as a compliment as Urf Professor enjoys a cult status today. But it must be noted that Urf Professor is known for its faults, and today’s short films cannot be judged with 2001 standards.

Overall, A Simple Plan is helped by its engaging story-line and is worth a watch for fans of dark-humor.

AglaPlay Verdict: Worth a watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: ~18 minutes
Writer-Director: Kalpesh Mistry
Cast: Kumar Pravesh (Subhash), 
Jayesh Pandey (Rajat), 
Supriya Mishra (Chitra), 
Sachin K Jaryal (Police Constable) &
Emraanakbar Enamdar (Victim)
A Simple Plan: Dark Comedy which deserves a watch!

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