Soulmate ★★★

A dark love story of a live-in couple from Thriller/Horror genre.


Soulmate is a thriller shot in black and white. It is a story of a couple who share a flat. Like other couple, they get into arguments time and again. The opening scene is a similar situation where the guy has to leave for some days, but he is angry with the girl and does not want to talk with her. The girl sadly bids him good bye. The boy returns home bringing all the joy to his partner, but… Now, there is a but which will be revealed best when you watch the movie!

What works

Soulmate has the surprise/shock element that is required by the genre. To its credit, it delivers that shock to the audience very well.

Also, we liked the acting of the central character played by Saloni. Considering the limited scope of the character-play in Soulmate, it is notable that she leaves an impression on the viewers.

What could have been better

Cinematography could have been better in Soulmate. I liked the idea of monochromatic cinematography. However, the execution is very bad. The whole movie seemed out of focus, which might have been caused by a poor camera or post-processing. Either way, the end result is not appealing to the eyes.


Overall, Soulmate is an average short film which does a decent job in presenting a short thriller. At less than 12 minutes of running time, it is worth a watch.

AglaPlay Verdict: Worth a watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: ~12 minutes
Directors: Anshuman singh & Yasir Jah
Cast: Saloni Choujar,
Yasir Jah & 
Anshuman Singh

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