Salaam Noni Appa


Salutations to sister Noni! Noni, the central character of the play is a widow in her sixties or seventies. She is graceful, calm and composed. In her contrast, her sole companion and sister Binny is full of life and energetic. Binny chooses a new hobby to dabble in every other week, while Noni keeps to herself, spending evenings with scotch reminiscing old days when she felt complete with her husband. After much persuasion from Binny, Noni agrees to practicing Yoga where she meets Anand Ji, the yoga teacher. They become friends. Noni no longer feels alone as earlier. But what is society’s judgement? Is the society even correct in its judgement? Anand has a family while Noni’s only daughter in thirties or forties is living in US, and is not married yet. The play gradually answers all these and comments on societal norms’ impact on the individual’s happiness.

Lillete Dubey’s direction comes through with flying colors yet again. A good actor, she is. She does justice to the roles on the stage as an actor, but what she does to as a director is magic. This play is yet another directorial masterpiece which strikes perfect balance of every emotion and every situation. The characterization is well done, and the cast fits the roles effortlessly.

Strongly recommended for the balance it strikes. The play impacts the progressive outward attitude of characters against regressive inner mindsets; yet manages to deliver it all on a lighter note. Weathering the traffic on road, tensions in office, with ever-increasing costs at home, the performance provides much needed thoughtful break to Mumbai audience!

AglaPlay Verdict: Do watch!
AglaPlay Rating: 4/5
Language: English
Duration: 90 minutes
Writer: Twinkle Khanna
Director: Lillete Dubey
Cast: Lillete Dubey (Noni Appa), 
Jayati Bhatia (Binny), 
Yatin Karyekar (Anand) & Others

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5 thoughts on “Salaam Noni Appa”

  1. I went to watch this on rave reviews of friends. Could not understand what was so special about it, huh! Okay, this is good, but so are the other so many plays. Firstly, the ticket was outlandishly costly. Secondly, there is no strong story or anything. This is an okay play. Watchable. Really don’t understand the fuss around it. Thumbs up for opening a site dedicated for plays review.

  2. Hi AglaPlay, thanks for the review. πŸ™‚ My friends took me to 1 or 2plays all soooo brorringg. πŸ™ Until I watched this. This is so good and weelldone. (y) Lilette and the other lady were so energetic. Yoga teacher wz soo amazing. Fun play. Must watch. Sugeest more of these which are light yet fun to watch. SOmehoe I don’t get the energy yo see thru dose tense plays with heavy discussions and sadness etc etc etc πŸ˜‰ this wz so gud. Luv, Arvi

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