Hamari Neeta Ki Shaadi


In a country of festivals – India – the biggest family festival is still a daughter’s wedding. The traditions may or may not be practised in a Diwali, or a Dussehra, but marriages are different. What will relatives say if a custom is forgotten? What if something is not perfect in this once in a lifetime event? What bad luck may fall upon if some ritual gets missed?

Mumbai-based Upadhyay family with ancestral roots in UP are in the fix here. Their daughter, Neeta, is getting wed in two days. Parents Kaveri and Dashrath are supported by good-natured Chacha ji, Prasad. Team is completed by couple’s son Atul, servant Lallan and driver Mukesh. Many of the challenges and situations are solved deftly by this team. They almost make it too, but then get stuck in a situation. Did they finally manage to solve the issue?

The performance from Ank group cast is again top-notch! Also, a big applause to the team for the welcome surprise before the play! The first half of the play is tight and sticks to the problems with which audience can connect. The characters of Chacha ji is particularly entertaining and well-developed through the scenes. The play has its moments to break audience in guffaws.

That said, the play looses its track in mid and the whole focus shifts to a ludicrous situation. The only thing more ridiculous than the situation is the solutions by the characters. The immense potential – both of the chosen topic and the competence of the actors – is largely wasted. The end product is an average play which is still watchable, but stops far from being a memorable one.

AglaPlay Verdict: Average.
AglaPlay Rating: 2/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: 90 minutes
Writer: Veena Bakshi 
Director:  Veena Bakshi
Cast:  Shankar Iyer (Prasad)
Aman Gupta (Dashrath), 
Preeta Mathur (Kaveri),  
Arunima Joshi (Neeta),
B. Topiwala, J. Rehman,
Mani Pillai, Rajat Yadav
and S. Priyadarshi 

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