Hai Mera Dil


This is the longest running play in Hindi theatre history. Adaption of the 1964 movie ‘Send Me No Flowers’, the play’s 1150th show was staged in March 2019. The play continues to be regularly performed on popular demand and is among the most enjoyable performances I have seen.

Hai Mera Dil is about a loving couple Madan and his wife Usha. Madan, a hypochondriac, gets to know from the doctor that he has only few days to live. He has loads to do in these last few days, but finding a person who can take support his simpleton wife takes the top priority. And then, choosing the his final resting place is also not an easy task with many options available from a company which prides itself in ‘solving your grave concerns’. Madan tries to lighten his heart by sharing his feelings with his drunkard friend Arvind. Madan also tries to hook-up Usha with a common friend, Mohan. What follows is a laughing riot with jibes at contemporary political and cultural situations.

The play scores a perfect in all parameters – acting, direction, dialogue delivery and more. A must watch with your partner, audience’s laughter continue unabated from the first to the last scene. I personally respect the playwright for bringing the laughs naturally with a good taste, without berating anyone or any character. Both thumbs up for this play! Please watch!

AglaPlay Verdict: A must watch.
AglaPlay Rating: 5/5
Language: Hindi
Writer: Julius J. Epstein, 
Adaption: Late Dinesh Thakur
Director: Late Dinesh Thakur
Cast:  Aman Gupta (Madan), 
Preeta Mathur (Usha),  
Atul Mathur (Arvind),
Sumit Bhardwaj (Mohan),
Shankar Iyer (salesman). 

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11 thoughts on “Hai Mera Dil”

  1. The bestest play… ever!!! My girlfriend (now my wife) and I could not stop laughing the whole show. That scene with the central character’s wife selling lemons or balloons (forgot now) was epic! And that sharabi friend – good lord! You write well, but you can try a little longer reviews too

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  3. I have 2 tickets of the play playing in Godrej Tehatre for 18th April show. Let me know if anyone is interested in buying. I wanted to go but it is very far.

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