Golden Crush ★★★½

A sweet comedy. A young guy is scared out of his wits as his father catches him smoking cigarette.

The title refers to the last few drags from a cigarette. Aptly named, the short film involves a young guy who get caught smoking by his father. The young college goer is terrified and breaks into tears as his father probes him. The two talk and mutually come to some decisions which may change both their lives for good.

The short film is really done well with very mature and clever writing. Kudos to Omkar Gokhale for this beautiful script and the unexpected twist in the end.

Father-son dialogue is the soul of the short film. It is very normal to the fathers and sons to drink and smoke, but not in front of each other. People sometimes go to extents to hide it from their families, as if there is something gravely wrong about the act. I hereby want to clarify that I am not praising the smoking and drinking. It is just that when you have to hiding acts which you love to do, from the people you love may take its toll on one’s happiness and even, their confidence. Golden Crush attempts to find another way out of this conundrum through the conversation between the central characters.

For negatives, there is nothing major. Few viewers might have challenge with Marathi, but the subtitles provided are perfect. you do not need to depend on YouTube generated ‘Closed Captions’, which are just irritating at times… ugh! If I go all out for fault-fidning, photography is a division which could have been a little better, but nothing that is deal-breaking.

Overall, a must watch! I believe that ‘Golden Crush‘ is a very good attempt and all age groups will enjoy it. However with the smoking involved, we are not tagging this one under ‘Young Audience Friendly’.

AglaPlay Verdict: A must watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.5/5
Language: Marathi with English Subtitles
Duration: ~9 minutes
Writer:  Omkar Gokhale 
Director: Suraj Parasnis
Cast: Sandesh Kulkarni,
Shivraj Waichal & 
Golden Crush: A sweet Marathi Short

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