Glitch ★★★


Karan is the central character in Glitch. He is a 10 year old boy who accidentally discovers a time-control switch. This time switch can take him across a few hours – not more. The short film shows Karan uses the switch to prevent the possible separation of his parents.

I am going off beat here but the movie reminded me of The Butterfly Effect. In case you had not watched it, try that, it is a good movie to watch. It also reminded me of the fantasy short stories penned by famed director Dr Satyajit Rai. He has written several such short stories. I t would be amazing to see a few of them to be presented in a short film. Bordering on science fiction and sometimes, occult, the stories are just so enjoyable.

Anyways, back to the Glitch that we have here. On the positive side, I praise Shubham for bringing out this experimental work. The story is interesting. well-written. Kabir (Secret Superstar famed child actor) does complete justice toe the role and in fact, he is the one who carries the whole film on his shoulders. You may see the film advertised with Mona Singh’s name but that is largely the marketing part of it. One should watch this movie for the way Kabir carries this whole project through. Highly appreciate Shubham-Kabir duo!

On the not so good part, the viewers may not find the film very engaging or enjoying. But then, experimental pieces like these are not meant to be. And to me, it was a very decent work. Also, in case the time switch explanation is not believable, please read the below.

Spoiler Alert. Best to read after watching. Click to read The whole film can be seen from the view of a child’s imagination.This child has stolen his mom’s ring as a valentine gift to his crush. But he knows he has done wrong and he is worried. Under the shower he thinks of different possibilities and worries if his action will lead to his parent’ separation or worse… He still tries to hold on to the ring to impress the girl (Shruti), but ultimately gives up after thinking though all possibilities.

Overall, worth a watch!

AglaPlay Verdict: Worth a watch
AglaPlay Rating: 3.0/5
Language: Hindi
Duration: ~14 minutes
Writer: Shubham Yogi
Director:  Shubham Yogi
Cast: Kabir Sajid Shaikh (Karan),
Mona Singh (Priya / Karan's mom),
Faisal Rashid (Ajit / Karan's dad),
Vinita Joshi (Reena / House help) &
Glitch: Time travel story of a ten year old

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