This internationally performed play which explores possibilities. Roland the bee keeper, and Marianne the physicist meet at a social gathering, just like any two people meet. And just like any other such meeting, there are numerous possibilities to this. It can be their last meeting, or, they can go on for a few dates and then break-up, or they can get married and so on and on… The actors enact many of these could-have-beens, a spectrum of responses, a plethora of reactions from the same characters in the same situation.

The roles were played by Jib Sarbh and Mansi Multani at NCPA when I watched this performance. The setup by NCPA, which also was the producer, was elegant. Particularly the lighting looked very nice. The actors also performed well. And as I said earlier, this is an internally acclaimed play which demands the best from the best of the performers. Actors like Jake Gyllenhaal had donned the role of Roland earlier and it is far from an easy task to perform in a play like this experimental and it is a unique writing.

Sadly, beyond that experimentation and novelty factor, the play has nothing much to offer. In fact, it becomes boring. Mistake me not, the actors and the producers have put the best of the efforts and the show looks elegant. But the writing is so that it reduces to alternate line-readings to the audience. It ultimately becomes dull and monotonous many times, and annoying at a few instances.

AglaPlay Verdict: Avoid
AglaPlay Rating: 1/5
Language: English
Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes (Approx)
Writer: Nick Payne
Director: Bruce Guthrie 
Cast:  Jim Sarbh (Roland)
Mansi Multani (Mariane)

Below are a few relevant links. The web link to the library touring performance of the play is also provided (without lighting and sound effects).

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4 thoughts on “Constellations”

  1. Thanks for the fantastic review. Finally someone who speaks my mind. I went with my friends and it was such a pathetic play. No enjoyment, no humour. Audience was clapping and I was like…’ohhh… what did I miss…’ and I also clapped. While returning, all of the friend circle had same opinion about the play. They can at least give one Saridon free with the ticket. :'(

  2. My wife and daughter hated me for taking them to the play. They didn’t like it, but I liked it. It was refreshing to see a new touch to the existence itself. The concept of multi-verse and multiple possibilities was new to me in stage performance. I also did not like the way ‘Avoid’ rating is given to the play. There are lots of efforts that go into such performances. Regards, Narrotam

  3. Save your sanity and money – do not watch this play. One of the comments have mentioned on the efforts of the performers. My question – why to put in efforts to create such unenjoyable, boring stuff? In the hindsight, I could have saved my time by getting out in the intermission, but the hope of something good in the second half kept me seated. To watch what? Nothing!

  4. Constellation was a very nice experiment, that I happened to watch in experimental theatre. With more that a twenty years of watching plays I can understand that this play will not appeal to everyone. This and other such plays are truly experimental and shall not be gauged on the scales of normality. Yes, the tickets should be kept low for such works which are an expression of the artist rather than to achieve a commercial success.

    I noticed how Alglplay categorised this play under ‘connoisseur corner’. That is the place such plays deserve. I would suggest BookMyShow and NCPA also to create such categories or highlight these atypical plays.

    Team Aglaplay – I suggest you also to see Dark Room whenever it is performed next and post the review.

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