Dopehri is a novella, written and performed by Pankaj Kapur. This is a story-telling session. The story takes the audience to Lucknow where an old Amma bi lives in solitude with only her house-help Jumman and an old family friend Dr. Saxena as limited company. On the suggestion of the family friend she gets a paying guest in her Haveli. What happens next is a story of transformation for Amma Bi.

The writing and the rendering both are touching and impressive. The characters are very well-developed. Pankaj takes the audience to the old-era Lucknow with his words, helped by music alone. As an audience, you will feel engrossed as if you yourself are there in the haveli, walking on its stairs, experiencing the weather and noise of streets.

AglaPlay Verdict: Must Experience
AglaPlay Rating: 4.5/5
Language: Hindi

Below are a few relevant links. The web links to other reviews are also provided for easy reference. Do note however that the novella is a simple story but has its own twists and turns which should be experienced first-hand. The reviews below (particularly culture bowl) sadly have gone to the extent of summarizing the complete story.

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